The Vet Who Didn’t Save Emily

Dr. Erin Geshwiler

This is Dr. Erin Geshwiler of VCA Abbott in Worcester, MA. She chose the completely wrong path to treat my cat even after I had told her what to do. I am not a veterinarian but I had been taking care of diabetic cats for almost ten years. I knew Emily needed help due to her decreased appetite and that she needed a blood glucose curve to determine what level of treatment she needed. Not only did Dr. Geshwiler only do part of the curve, she ignored Emily’s crisis glucose levels and chose to giver her appetite stimulants instead of hospitalized glucose therapy instead, which would have properly corrected her appetite. She physically recorded Emily’s dropping glucose levels and did nothing to correct the hypoglycemia. She did not give Emily the sustenance she needed to survive. Because of this, I believe Dr. Geshwiler is guilty of violating Massachusetts Chapter 272, Section 77.

I was charged almost $500 for this vet to essentially kill my cat. Even after I told her that her ‘care’ resulted in the death of my cat, no refund was offered.

If only it wasn't a holiday week and Emily could have been with her regular vet, she would still be alive today.


This is Dr. Geshwiler’s note sent to me the next day after Emily’s appointment, after Emily died. You can see she has no concern for the extreme hypoglycemia she recorded.

The Negligence

As you can see by the vet’s note below and what she prescribed, appetite stimulants, the vet was focused on her appetite without a single care to her glucose level. I could not have been more clear when I brought Emily in that day. ‘Emily is diabetic, her appetite has decreased, this is a warning sign, she needs a blood glucose curve to determine what to do.’

There was a barking dog there that day on emergency. I voiced, ‘I am concerned about the noise level. Emily needs to be calm for her blood glucose test to see what is going on with her diabetes.’ ‘Don’t worry’, I was told, ‘Emily will be put in a quiet room for her test.’

I don’t know why the doctor never did Emily’s complete test. I can only assume she was occupied with the dog emergency. This is still no excuse. She could have had a veterinary technician take Emily’s blood draw to complete the test. This negligent veterinarian also sent Emily home without testing her again to make sure she was safe. She was not safe. The two readings show definitively that Emily was in crisis and needed immediate, long term (not just one dose, but an IV drip until she was stable) glucose therapy. Appetite stimulants do nothing to help with hypoglycemia.

My Response

To: VCA Abbott Animal Hospital

SHE’S DEAD! Emily died shortly after leaving your ‘care’ and I don’t believe it was a coincidence. The treatment you gave her was wrong! I brought her in specifically and solely for a BG curve and only two values were recorded, stopping at 1pm. Why was she left neglected for another 4 hours and not checking her sugar? If you were too busy to give my cat the full attention that she needed due to the dog emergency that morning, you should have let me take her elsewhere instead of using me for a money grab that resulted in the death of my cat. A complete curve was not done which is the main reason I made the appointment. Instead you gave her medications that I did not authorize and she may not have needed if her sugar was monitored and corrected properly. Without a complete curve, how do you know she wasn’t at risk? Obviously she was as she died shortly after coming home!!!! Her values were low and this should have been a red flag for better treatment instead of pumping her full of chemicals that had nothing to do with her diabetes. Four hours with no further testing states that she was not getting the attention she deserved and needed. I brought her in for attention to her diabetes, nothing else. The ONLY reason I brought Emily in was for the BG curve and you didn’t do it! You should have recognized how fragile her diabetic state was but instead chose not to complete the curve, putting my cat at risk. She is dead! Instead of doing what you were supposed to do, you pumped her full of chemicals which I believe was a catalyst to her horrible, painful death. Sickens me that I paid $500 to have my cat killed! The focus should have been on her diabetes which you obviously ignored by not finishing her BG curve. I firmly believe that if Emily had not been with you that day, she would still be alive.
Emily loved the tub
Dr. Greg Martinez
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This is an excellent video by Dr. Greg Martinez on ‘Diabetic Hypoglycemia Cat’ that explains what Emily similarly went through and that she should have had the proper treatment like Meaper received in the video. I reached out to Dr. Martinez several times for help. He ignored me. Shame on you Dr. Greg Martinez.